What is Seire?

Seire Collective celebrates stories of living traditions through handicrafts. Each of our crafted pieces journeys through stories of handwoven textiles, textures and colours, interweaving artisan’s craftsmanship with a human touch.

Approach & Production

We are inspired by diverse cultures, landscapes and nature of our makers and craftsmen's homeland, and embrace a collectible approach to making and producing each of our pieces. We directly collaborate and work with craftspeople and artisans to create contemporary wear, connecting old traditional techniques for the now. All pieces are designed and tailored in Bangkok, Thailand - also home to our studio.

Design Methodlogy

Founded by Tammy Amorn in 2020 during her last year of college at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, Seire Collective started from an interest in a research-driven approach to the processes behind handicraft objects; finding importance in the places and stories that each object holds. Over the past years, we have travelled, worked and collaborated with farmers planting natural cottons along the Mekong river across the Thailand–Laos border, natural dyers foraging natural dyes, weavers weaving, and embroiders embroidering from the front yard of their homes.

more about our fieldworks

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